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Jan 15, 2018 at 07:40 AM

Batch Determination Automatically on Different Plants


Dear Gurus,

My Warehouse is a storage location, and under 1 physical warehouse, I have an access of 3 plants and same warehouse open as three time storage locations of three different plant.

Means Plant 1000 Storage Location Z100A (same above WH)

Plant 2000 Storage Location Z200A (same above WH)

Plant 3000 Storage Location Z300A (same above WH)

User when create the sales order at head office level don't know the plant, where stock exits at storage location level. so he randomly enter the plant at sales order level, all three plants have the same shipping point as warehouse, that is OK.

material is manage in batch.

Is it possible i create the batch search strategy as plant and material, system auto consider all the plant and determine the stock and batch at delivery level.

lets say user enter plant 1000 at sales order level.

but at OBD system determine partial stock at plant 1000 and partial from plant 2000 and generates two lineat OBD level.

Please confirm either any configuration or check for this. with so many thanks in advance.