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May 08, 2008 at 08:54 AM

FM to fix text length



I've got a problem in Smartform where in if the firs column fields lenght(character type) is less it printing the second column in the space and the order of column entry is shuffling.....

My text length is 30 character long i've fixed it like &itab-text(30)& in text element........but when the text character is less that 20 chars i'm having the shuffling problem and the second column get fixed up the space and the order gets misplace.....i'm using tab stop for giving space between two columns and its fixed for every columns......i tried this my concatenating space when the text lenght is less than 20 chars....but still the same problem........and tried every thing now i just wonder do we have any FM to fix the lenght of text to achieve the result.......

Points wud be surely awarded.....Thxxxxxxxxxxxxx