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Search screen similar to FPM's Search GUIBB


I have a requirement wherein I need to develop a UI5 based search screen which would offer a similar functionality to that of FPM's Search GUIBB.

For example the user should not only able to maintain multiple search criterion for a particular field by clicking on the "+"/"-" buttons on the extreme right. He also would need to be able to specify his desired comparison operator (contains, equals, starts with,...) against each search field. I had tried reading around but couldn't find anything similar being offered by SAPUI5 as a standard. Could anyone please help with any inputs on how this can be accomplished

if they had encountered a similar requirement earlier.


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  • I now have the F4 help coming up for the criteria in my SmartFilterField. However the typeAhead (value suggestions) do not work. Whenever I start changing the value within my F4 help's search screen I see an error adding up to my browsers console log saying, "Wrong parameters defined for filter. -" and i see that it tries to find a valuehelp to call and pass in the newly entered/changed characters to it. My metadata has the ValueList annotation entry available for the search criteria as well. Any suggestions please?

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    Jan 15, 2018 at 09:41 AM


    What you have to do is using a Smartfilter component. look at as well the Worklist Fiori éléments.



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    • Hi Joseph,

      Thank you for pitching in to my aid. I had tumbled across this element yesterday and was trying to implement the same. I went through the examples in explored and tried coding but have been unsuccessful to implement the same. At the moment the SmartFilterBar displays the 2 search fields (Userid & Country) as how I want but am not able to get the corresponding F4 helps to work. Please advise as to how to get the value helps in place.

      I have built my Gateway service & exposed 2 properties (Userid & Country) with their annotation set as Filterable. My View code is as below:


      I could implement a normal FilterBar but am failing to create the SmartFilterBar. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


  • Jan 18, 2018 at 09:26 PM

    Closing the thread as the original issue posted by me has been resolved. Shall create a new thread for the new issue

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