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May 07, 2008 at 07:08 PM

Select the approval Agent for Modeled Deadline Monitoring for WF WS14000133


I have setup a deadline monitoring for WF WS14000133 using the modeled approach and added the "Send Mail" Test along with a Loop so that the the appover will get an email every day after three days of not approving a shopping cart.

I noticed in task "109 Subworkflow n-step over Value" there is a task container element "&APPROVALAGENTS.ACT_AGENT&" which contains the approver. I am tring to put it in a Workflow container element that I created referencing "WFSYST-AGENT". When I try to setup a binding to import the value from the task container to the workflow container I get the following error:

"Data object 'APPROVALAGENTS' is elementary )component 'ACT_AGENT' does not exist)

Does anyone know how to fix this or does anyone know another way I can get the approval agent to the WF container so that I can send the email to them in the "send email" step?

According to SAP this can be done....this is what they say on

"Actual agent: Element WIActual_Agent in the task container

If you want to transfer the actual agent of a work item (available under the element ID WIActual_Agent in the task container) to the workflow container for further use, you define an appropriate element in the workflow container to contain this information.

You create this element with a reference to the ABAP Dictionary field WFSYST-AGENT."