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How to create Nodes instances in ABSL

Jan 12 at 05:09 PM


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Hi experts,

in Cloud Application Studio I have created a custom business object with several transient elements and nodes with transient elements as well. Purpose is to collect data from C4C and via webservice. After the data is forwarded for PDF creation it shall be discarded.

The problem, I face is, when creating an instance of a node via

this.<NODE_Name>.Create(<Structure containing data>);

(-->ibase-node.png) the creation of the node does not properly work. No error message appears, but in the debugger only the root-node elements appear correctly and contain data, whereas the child nodes do not even appear. (--> node-missing.png)

The webservice correctly receives the data and when checking the variable EquipmentChild in the Debugger at the breakpoint in line 65 (--> node-webservicedata.png) it is filled with the retrieved data.

It would be great, if you could provide a hint, why the node instances are not appended and available for further usage.

Best regards and have a nice weekend,

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Horst Schaude
Jan 16 at 01:23 PM

Hello Patric,

I created a quick & small copy of this transient BO and added items via an action.

It worked fine (in the test shell).

If you can verify if the sub-nodes exists at least in the persistency, it is "only" a issue for the display of the debugger.

Nevertheless to solve this issue you need to create an incident.

. Horst

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Horst Schaude
Jan 15 at 01:17 PM

Hello Patric,

I assume "this" us typed as "SimpleCustomerBO" and "IBase" is a subnode to the Root node of this BO?

In this case the debugger must show the "IBase" as a child entry of "this" even if it is initial like it shows in the second image the "IBase" as "not set"

Please provide the BODL and the whole ABSL code.

. Horst

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Hello Horst,

thanks a lot for your quick reply. Of course I provide BODL (scbodl.txt) and ABSL (scabsl.txt) as attachments.

Just as further information - in the ABSL code the lines 26-39 which receive a single data field, which is stored in the root-node work fine and I can see the value afterwards in the debugger. But for the sub-nodes it is not working/showing up.

Best regards,

scbodl.txt (8.3 kB)
scabsl.txt (10.0 kB)