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May 07, 2008 at 01:13 PM



Hi All,

Our Scenario is IDOC XI SOAP synchronous.

We get data from IDOC to XI and send it to SOAP, I get response back from SOAP which is sent to R3 by STATUS IDOC.We have implemented BPM in our scenario and there is no Exception handling.

My question is, if the SOAP server is down then I get a System Error.What we want to know is

1. Whether it is possible to send the failed IDOC again to SOAP from XI and get the response back( I guess this is not possible in our case). Does Exception handling enables this feature ??

2. Is it possible to know the status of SOAP server in BPM so that we can keep the incoming IDOCs in queue and send them once the SOAP is up?

3. If Exception handling/Fault messages concept is implemented then can we send response back to STATUS IDOC from XI(Note: We need the incoming IDOC number must for this as R3 should know which IDOC is failed).

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Thanks & regards,