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Jan 12, 2018 at 11:38 AM

Material replictaion form R/3 to SRM


Hello Gurus..

I'm trying to replicate material master form ECC to SRM .My business scenario is one SRM System 2 backends. Backend 1 is already up & running . Now configuring backend 2

After going through all the posts & blogs on this topic I have done all the steps as below

RFC connections were already created by BASIS team , they are working fine

Definition of backend systems

R/3 backend and EBP backend defined

Define Replication Site for EBP systems

CRM site defined with own RFC dest in the site attributes

R3 site defined with R3 RFC dest in the site attributes

Maintain Middleware Parameters

Table SMOFPARSFA populated with key MCRM, par name MCRM_CONSUMER, User CRM and param value 'X'

Deactivate CRM Specific Settings


Set Up CRM Parameters in R/3

CRMCONSUM table entry for CRM

CRMRFCPAR table entry for EBP backend cliet maintained as per standard

CRMPAROLTP table already populated as standard

I'm getting DNL_CUST_BASIS3 & DNL_CUCT_PROD0 as running I have checked teh SMQ2 & SMQ1 queues in SRM no issue here.. however there is no entry in ECC system SMQ1.. I am not able to understand what is wrong.. I have gone through all the notes related to this section & maintained the settings .. I m still facing this issue request you to please help me out.