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Former Member
May 07, 2008 at 11:40 AM

Decimal column with invalid length not exported properly via RFC_READ_TABLE



Table under consideration: T169G

Columns: PROZ1, PROZ2

When using RFC_READ_TABLE FM (in .Net Connector) to extract the contents of the above table,

the values appear as "*.00" whereever the actual value is >= 10.00 That's because the

field length of each of these two columns is 4 (as per the "Fields" result of RFC_READ_TABLE)

whereas it actually occupies 5 characters (including decimal separator) whenever the value

is >= 10.00 Does the RFC call try to compress the output data into the (invalid) field length?

How come the field length is wrong, in the first place? Any alternatives/ workarounds?

I could see the same problem via SAP GUI as well.

Is this just another bug in RFC_READ_TABLE? Any help is greatly appreacited !