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Does SAP SCM 7.0 EHP3 comes with EWM ?

Jan 11 at 07:44 PM


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Former Member

Hi ,

We are looking to get SAP EWM 9.2,

My question is will i get SAP EWM components if i install SAP SCM 7.0 EHP3 (New impementation) ?


Gejo john

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2 Answers

shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Feb 09 at 10:39 AM

Hi Gejo,

Please see below link

Please contact SAP for more information



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Yes sir. the perfect answer is to contact SAP. because i am not interested to misguide the users. i am seeing many persons sending yes or no type but it is misleading the readers.. even i faced many that i tried to give the links and especially for this better persons would be SAP.

I will tell you my experience - when i was working in my domain engineering company in 2003- IT consulting team visited (not interested to expose their names)and given false information and Project faced failure -both in time and money finally our management contacted SAP and they have helped a lot. so that i never believe in yes or no answer..

One more thing the user not having interest to check the old blogs and that is why they are raising the same threads which was already answered..i am seeing on many occasion you have pointed out i got good response in email when i am sharing the link. normally i feel happy to help others...i became your fan after seeing your helping nature towards others.. I will try to avoid in detail answer..even i know here this reply is too long..but i like to express the information i like to share.

Frankly telling i am learning a lot from you and was surprised many time how you are eagerly replying and more crisp and some times i thought why you are so harsh towards answers..when an user is asking the repetitive question..but i understood your feeling why guys not searching it first... without that they are raising the thread..

Regret if it conveys any wrong information.

Thanking you sir.




Hi Sir,

btw we will very soon get whatsapp channel for SAP MM WM EWM APO PM QM SD PP SNC SNP SRM..S/4HANA EM..etc.


Hello G.V.Shivakkumar, Thank you for your feedback which is so valuable to Product Support. We will be launching new channels soon. We’ll also send your feedback to the teams for consideration. Kindest Regards, Lisa

Rybo Chen

Thanks for your feedback! I have passed on your suggestion to our Social Media Lead!

This is very good news to everyone in logistics field. Rybo Chen



shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan

We will see how SAP Support is doing with Whats App. Right now I am skeptical and guess it is a kind of push marketing channel or just an alternative to the emails that are currently send.

I personally doubt that they will answer the kind of questions which are asked here most of time via WhatsApp, they could just have participated here in their own community if they really wanted.

The community is defined that customers can help each other without needing SAP Support, this has certainly freed up some resources and reduced their costs.

A solution that is given to 1 person via Whatsapp is unknown to several hundred or thousands who could find it otherwise here in the community. So a 1:1 communication does not really help to reduce costs and they might answer pretty soon the same question the 1001st time.


you should have replied to my message which was private, but as your replies were made to yourself I will also show my message publically to avoid that users get confused seeing you reply to yourself with "Hi Sir"

Here is my reply:

Why is it not possible for you to just answer with Yes or No and then add links as evidence for your answer.

This way you send a user through older answers or even a huge docu which both do not have an answer to the question

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Former Member Feb 20 at 04:06 PM

I got the answer,

No it wont come, i had to install EWM component on top of SAP SCM or SAP ECC.


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