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Sales contract prices should not be changed when creating sales order or Invoice.

Sales contracts are used to provide a means for tracking sales to customers for a specific product(s), time period, quantity and price. In some instances, it is necessary to create a new contract (with different prices) while an existing one is still valid. The expectation is that invoices created from each contract would pick the associated contract price. However, if a customer price changes before the contract period is over (for same customer, plant & product), sales order & invoices created from the contract pick the new price instead of the contract (older) price.

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  • Hi Siva,

    Though the Pricing Type is 'G', the Prices are not copied from reference contract to sales order and new prices are copied.

    We need the price to remain same while we do sales order with reference to Contract and this functionality should apply to specific sales area. Requesting that if you have done this kind of scenario from ABAP perspective to provide feasible solution, if so required your advice on the process, so that I can explain to my ABAPer for completion of this scenario.


  • there should be no change in condition value, though the new prices are updated. The pricing type (KNPRS) is ā€œGā€ in VTAA copy control configuration

    Did you try before posting this? For information, if the pricing type is G, then, system would fetch the value only from the preceding document. As rightly pointed out by Jelena Perfiljeva please put some efforts, try in your system and still if you have any issue, update here listing out the steps you carried out in achieving this requirement.

  • Hi,

    As the Pricing Type is 'G' this implies the pricing is unchanged and only redetermines the Taxes

    so where exactly the problem is- Prices are not copied from contract to sales order as it is?

    do you mean to say that it applies to specific sales area?

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2 Answers

  • Jan 15, 2018 at 12:33 PM


    Can you please share the screenshots of Copy control, Condition tab from Contract where this condition type is determined and Sales Document item condition Tab where its not determined along with the Analysis ?



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    • Hi Kamlesh,

      Thanks for the reply,

      The preceding document is the contract A for the sales order created and the price is taken from contract B(new pricing records). Can you please suggest what can be reason and any further checks need to be done.

  • Jan 18, 2018 at 02:41 PM

    Hi kamlesh,

    Thanks for the reply,

    I have attached the .png file screen shots for the process which we are doing

    step - 1 :- Quantity Contract to Sales order Copy control

    step - 2 :- In Contract A: the condition value is 866,63 USD

    step - 3 :- Analysis where we have 900 KES/L is triggered

    step -4 :- Contract B is created with condition value is 481.46 USD

    note :- When I create sales order with reference to quantity contract A, price from Contract B is fetched instead of contract A.

    Thank you.step-1.pngstep-2.pngstep-3.pngstep-4.png

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