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Jan 10, 2018 at 06:59 PM

Can one use Customer status on tickets to pause SLA for quality audit purposes?

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Greetings Experts

the contact center is resolving ticket and these are sent through to the Quality assurance department with status Resolved, upon auditing the QA team changes status to QAPENDING which seems to kick off the SLA again therefore continuing and thereby breaching the SLA in the resolved ticket. This is impacting negatively on the SLA report as well as changing the initial date stamp of the correct resolved date to the date when quality audit is finalized ie QAPASS

1. Is it possible to have the ticket on Resolved status (which stops SLA) then get that ticket audited without triggering the SLA because this will not be a true indication of the time spent to resolve the ticket. Thank you all.

2.Can i use the customer status (rename to AWAITINGQA) and pause the SLA time? once this is assigned to the audit team (using AWAITINGQA) will SLA not kick off again when the QA team re assigns the ticket to a separate department? Does SLA only commence when a ticket is assigned to the agent or to anyone?