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May 06, 2008 at 07:14 PM

ADS Issue has me stumped...


I have an open message with SAP since Thursday of last week, but as of yet there's been no response. All I can assume is that the message was assigned to someone who is on vacation...

Anyway, perhaps someone here can give some insight:

We continuously get the following messages while trying to connect to


running program FP_TEST_00 and FP_PDF_TEST_00 we get the login box three times before it errors out.

when running the test at http://sapdev:50000/AdobeDocumentServices/Config

We get the same thing, but the correct User/Password for the ADSUSER does not work in either case.

If I change the RFC user to J2EE_ADMIN instead of ADSUSER, the login box problem does not occur, but the FP_TEST_00 report hangs after entering the spool information.

Also, when running the connection test for the RFC Destination ADS, a

dialog box appears twice asking to accept or reject cookies. Could this possibly be causing the hanging session while running the FP_TEST_00 report?

Also I have run the trace according to SAP Note 846610...