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May 06, 2008 at 04:59 PM

Use of Pictures/Images in CCM 2



We use CCM 2.0 (200_700 - HP 11) with SRM 5.0 (SAPKIBKT11) and we want to incorporate pictures/images in our catalogs.

I have done some reading in SDN but still Im a bit confused. Please could anyone answer my questions?

1. If in my Vendor Catalogs does not exist the complex caracteristic "/CCM/PICTURE" with ID type data "/CCM/ATTACHMENT ", how can I create it in the vendor catalogs - as it should be incorporated as predefined characteristics as I understand it- ?

2. Where and How should one create a MIME repository?

3. After having created the MIME repository, how does one fill it with data of pictures.

4. Where can one visualize what MIME types are already defined in the system? Trx. or menu path!

5. Do I need to define a OCI field in one of the Characteristics asociated with /CCM/PICTURE for the picture to be visible in the shopping cart while accessing the Catalog? In the standard version there is no OCI field defined in neither of the characteristics /CCM/DESCRIPTION, /CCM/URL and /CCM/MIME_TYPE.

6. Example of a CSV 2.0 file with the characteristics /CCM/DESCRIPTION, /CCM/URL and /CCM/MIME_TYPE filled to upload.

Thanks very much for any reply.