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May 06, 2008 at 01:17 PM

Design Issue: Suggestion on performance point of View


Hi All

Kindly suggest which of the following method is good in terms of performance point of view ( Please provide any SAP Document supporting Need to present it to the client).

Interface Scenario:

CIDX Message(ORDER CREATE) is coming into XI, it goes to the DB and SAP for lookup ( 4 DB Lookup and 6 RFC lookup all business validation) if all the step is sucessfull then it post and IDOC and updates the tracking DB else it updates an table Approval with XML message which is linked to JSP appplication....when the user receives the Business error mail he will use the JSP application edit the Approval table with necessary action so that document goes trough sucessfull when the messga is resubmitted.

The Issue is which method below is better considering the performance.

Option 1:

When the message comes i am converting the CIDX to the canonical strucutre with all the DB and SAP Lookup values now this message i am resending to the same interface using the HTTP post so that it triggers the enhabced receiver and goes to the MAIL or SAP depending upon the business condition present.

with this approach i will 2 MSGID because after validating all the data i am resubmiting it to the sender service using the http adapter for determing which reciver system it should go (MAIL or SAP)

Option 2:

I am using the enhance reciver and there i am doing all the DB and RFC Lookup if any of the step fails i am sending it to the MAil receiver else to SAP, when the receiver are determine again i have to do 1 RFC lookup to enrich the incoming data to snd it to IDOC.

if i use this approach i am ending up in doing the Lookup twice frist in the enhanced receiver and second in the Mapping between the CIDX to IDOC.

if i use the Option 1 then i am reducing the two time lookup but end up having 2 MSG id for it......

Final conflict:

Is having 2 time lookup one of the enhanced receiver and one in mappaing is better or doing alll lookup once and resubmiting it to the same serive using HTTP adapter which gives me 2 MSGID is better?

having 2 MSGID for single document is it a problem? when compared to the doing the RFC lookup tiwce?

i feel 2 MSGID is not good but i am not able to conclude which one i can use and more over i need any SAP document available on these....i would really appreciate if anyone can provide any document supporting the above methods.

Business rules we are updating it to the SAP else we are sending it to the Mail adapter with