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Maintain fix bin in /SCWM/BINMAT for storage bins in non-fixed-bin storage type

Dear EWM experts,

I got business requirements that to maintain some fixed bins for non-fixed-bin storage type. We have setup most of bins as fixed bins. Now we are having errors always when we created a new storage bin and tried to assign this new storage bin as fixed bin in /SCWM/BINMAT.

The error message is "In this storage type fix bins are not allowed". If I change the Storage bin improvable field to B then try to save, it still gives the error but different one. Then if I remove B from this field and save, it works and bin has been changed to fixed bin.

Can anyone shed any lights how to get around of this?

By the way, if I set the storage type to use fixed bins, this will work but business doesn't like to use the fixed bin storage type.

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1 Answer

  • Jan 15, 2018 at 03:40 AM

    Hi Yaping ,

    Its just a suggestion.

    1) Enable fixed bins for the storage type but don't activate do not create fixed bins.

    2) Create two bin types one for materials for which fixed had to be maintained and other for rest of the materials.

    3) This is the step where we will have to test how system is going to behave. As per my understanding EWM overrides sort sequence within a

    storage type if it is a fixed bin i.e it checks for BINMAT entry first and then the sort sequence.

    4) If we have maintained the respective bin types in MAT1 and bin type sequence in configuration EWM will prefer materials to do putaway accordingly.

    i) Bin type -0001 (for materials with fixed bin). BINMAT will be maintained for all bins having 0001. And MAT1 for all materials with fixed bin maintain Bin type as 0001. But the issue you might face will be if the material quantity more than the number of bins allocated in BINMAT it will overflow into other bins of same bin type 0001 which is already reserved. To control this you can activate check max number of bins in storage type and maintain the same in storage type data which will be equal to number bins reserved in BINMAT.

    ii) Bin type - 0002. For the rest of the materials. No max number of bins to be maintained for these materilas

    Bin type sequence 0001 and 0002 should prefer to do putaway only 0001 and 0002 respectively.



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