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Inter-Division Projects

Jan 13 at 01:14 AM


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Dear ByD Community,

I'm wondering if anyone could help me an inter-division project scenario.

Basically, we need to set up a customer project with sales integration that belong to different divisions (profit center) within the same company. The costs and revenues need to be split within multiple profit centers. Ideally, the accrual method would be 108 - cost-to-cost project POC as the budget will be maintained in 1 single project. It means that the responsible unit (profit center) on each project tasks will be different and the budget will be maintained at the project task level.

From what I understand, the revenue recognition run won't be executed as profit center is different at the project task level.

Is anyone has already faced this type of situation ? Any suggestions on workarounds would be appreciated !!!!

We would like to avoid creating 2 differents projects mainly because for the operations it doesn't make sense to maintain 2 projects and because the billing might be comprised by creating 2 sales orders.

Thank you for your consideration,


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2 Answers

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Sahalya Begum
Jan 17 at 12:06 PM

Dear Andréanne,

If you are maintaining deviating cost center at project task level and hence they multiple profit centers are involved.

In the accrual method 108 - cost-to-cost project POC we don't directly have any checks on cost center.We check on profit center and sales units. but i believe we do this for the sales order items.

It wont work with 108 - cost-to-cost project POC, since it would expect that the profit center/sales unit to be the same for all the sales order items associated.

I hope this clarified your question if so mark this thread as answered.

Best regards,


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Andreanne Trudeau Jan 17 at 01:51 PM

Thank you Sahalya,

I have figured out a workaround by using another accrual method, but once again, it is going to be all manual.



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