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Data Slice Error in Locking Workbook in BW IP

Jan 12 at 02:48 PM


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We have created locking mechanism of BW IP through a Workbook by calling a planning function/planning sequence.

Problem we are facing is unless you a User locks the planning function/sequence in a TR in BW then only he is able to execute from Workbook otherwise it throws an error.

So if I want to execute that workbook then I will have to save the embedded planning function of Workbook into a TR in BW and then I can execute the Workbook to call planning function.

if I don't lock the planning function in a TR,it throws a class error.

Anyone has any solution to this problem.


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2 Answers

Cornelia Lezoch Jan 16 at 11:48 AM

Hi Aditya,

sorry, but becasue of strange english your question is hardly understandable.

What kind of error do you get? Do you get a locking error on the data?

Because a "locking of planning function" forme does not make any sense.

Locks (for data) on the lock server are created per planning application.

The query within a workbook creates a lock for the data it is reading when it is entry enabeled.

The function creates locks according to the data read - that depends on the filter you use for the function.

when you start the function from the workbook, the locks for the function and the query are treated within the same application, so that query and function can use the same data.

Hope this helps, otherwise please make it more clear, what kind of error you get.



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Hi Cornelia,

Thanks for the reply.

We are calling a planning function from a AO WB ,the planning function modifies the data slice of the Info Provider. So when a user executes the planning function from WB and it tries to modify the data slice of the info provider,it throws an error.

The error vanishes when for the same user, we a create a TR and lock the concerning Info Provider`s Data Slice into it. Similarly upon testing more we came to the conclusion that unless user locks data slice of the info provider into a TR,then only he is able to execute the planning function otherwise it doesn't work.

We tried incorporating this planning function into a planning sequence and ran it in the back end thorugh rsplan tcode and it still asked for a TR before executing it.

so the question is, is it standard behavior that if you want to modify a data slice,you have to lock it into a TR first?


Cornelia Lezoch Jan 16 at 03:21 PM

Hi Aditya,

what di you mean by TR? Transport request? or Transaction?

Both does not make sense.

If your data slice is type exit, you can create a function module for opening = de-activating the data slice.

And then run a function, that calls this function module and de-activates the data slice.

But I am not a programmer, so I can´t tell exactly what to do for this.



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Yes. Its asking for a transport request.

As for running function module,we are doing that only. The planning function which we are calling from WB has a function module in it which activates/de activates the data Slice.

But don't know why it doesn't let us execute this planning function unless we capture the concerning data Slice of the info provide in a Transport Request and for every user we have to follow same process or it doesn't work.

Any ideas on why its behaving like that?


maybe that´s a setting for transports for the whole system.

you can define for the whole system wheather it always asks for transport requests or only in certain cases.

I would discuss this with the SAP basis


Thanks Cornelie.

Please let me know once you discuss with Basis.