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Jan 12 at 12:47 PM


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Please, I am beginner. Can someone explains me what the coding does. I would to implement the same logic to my app.

Moreover, I would appreciate if you could also show an example of its controller.

  1. <ViewSettingsFilterItemid="Library"key="LIB"text="Library Prefix"multiSelect ="true" items="{/results}">
  2. <items>
  3. <ViewSettingsItemkey="{/Prefix}"text="{/Library}"/>
  4. </items>
  5. </ViewSettingsFilterItem>
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2 Answers

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Sergio Guerrero Jan 14 at 12:56 PM

rather than explaining what this specific control does... i think it would be better to show you how the whole framework works...

the documentation is here (click around to see all the helpful information):

if you click on the sample tab, and then filter down the list to ViewSettings, you will see what the control has to offer.

the about tab will tell you about the control purpose and description. The Sample tab will open 1 or more ways the control can be used technically. Once you click on one of those different ways, you can click on other options such as the menu items.. on the top right hand side, you will see an icon that will drill down to the actual xml/javascript code.

Now, in your specific scenario above, you have a Control or a property of a control. in this case, it is a ViewSettingsFilterItem that has an id, text and allows for multiple selection. Its items come from the model end point /results and within that end point, there is an item with 2 properties (Prefix and Library).

reading more on the Walkthrough part of the documentation will help you understand how sapui5 works

good luck

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Eric Ntomo Jan 14 at 02:57 PM

I thank you very much Sergio, it was helpful

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