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Jan 12, 2018 at 11:33 AM

Order type dependent batch determination order release issue



have an understanding issue concerning automatic batch determination during production order release.

Have standad customzing there, defined with new condition table order type/ plant 501 since there was only 030 available for order type/plant/component. Defined access sequence with that condition table.

Not I have two order type ZA01 for which I want to do automatich batch determination for components which have batch entry in MM 3 and for the same component with other order type ZM01 I do not want to execute automatich batch determination during order release.

\So created a condition record in COB1 for order type ZA01/plant combination and for ZM01/plant combination not. When releasing order with order type ZA01 the automatic batch determination is executed-all OK.

When releasing order with order type ZM01 where I do not have a condition record in COB1, it will not execute automatic batch determination for relevant component - all OK, but during SAVE there is a pop-up that batch determination for that particular component was done w/o selection data.

My problem is, I want to skip completely that is why I setyp automatic batch determination for components during order release based on order type so do not understand where the popup is coming from.

Thanks for any valuable input.

Kind regards,