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Real-time consolidation clarification (1610 version)

Dear All,

In standard BPC Consolidation Carry forward executed every month (if monthly consolidation). Is it same process Carry forward program to be executed monthly basis in RTC also ? Because now in RTC, consolidation model is periodic not YTD. When we are using YTD only balance carry forward is required to be executed monthly. (In RTC, opening balance stores is ACDOCC in period 000.2017.)

2.According to the decision on carry forward, I can change the logic of time variable in BEX queries of all the reports.

3.In Standard SAP currency conversion program only transfer the data to group level, our customer requirement currency translation happens in Accounting itself (in FI). For consolidation we pick the group currency value for consolidation. In BPC Model I have assigned currency translation in Accounting mode. In that case how the G_NONE data moves to consolidation group. Is that mean technically currency conversion has to happen even though translation happens in Accounting.

4.Elimination entity is required or not in RTC. But I have created elimination entity and assigned in BPC entity setup. But consolidation engine is not picking the data from ACDOCA table and posting to ACDOCC for consolidation process. If elimination entity is not required in RTC, where the consolidated group values gets stored in BPC ? Consolidation engine is not picking ACDOCC (flexi load) data also for further process.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification on the questions.



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2 Answers

  • Jan 17, 2018 at 07:20 PM


          BPC carry forward (CF) in BPC embedded and RTC works as per following. This information is provided in KBA

          2563592 - Carry forward in RTC - YTD and periodic. Please let us know if this is helpful so we can improve the KBA. Thank you

          1. If you switch off the 'Apply YTD' flag in the Carry forward (CF) rule for embedded BPC, the system will calculate all the relevant data from last year to the period which you execute the CF process. For instance:
            • If you have executed the CF in 2016.001, then the last year data is carried forward to 2016.001. If there is nothing changed in last year, when you execute the carry forward in 2016.002, there is nothing posted as the delta is 0.
          2. If you switch on the 'Apply YTD' flag in the Carry forward rule for Embedded BPC, the system will calculate the relevant YTD data in the same year to the period which you execute the Carry forward process.
            • For instance, if you execute the carry forward function at 2016.003, system will collect the data from 2016.001 and 2016.002, then copy to 2016.003.

          Best Regards,

          Leila Lappin

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        1. Jan 17, 2018 at 08:56 PM


          For you question 3, where you get the translated currency from FI, I thought that integration rule may be helpful. According to my reading in a BPC model with integration enabled, the elimination rule will copy the translated data from G_NONE to different groups and going through elimination. You can find more details BPC NW Wiki - How to use BPC integration rule

          I know the business objective of having integration rule is different from what you have described, but I am wondering if it can be used for your purpose. The reason is the following information from the wiki page.

          Rules with integration type:

          The integration rule definition re-uses the framework of Elimination and Adjustment rules, but has some differences:

          • Destination audit member (former data source) must be blank. As a matter of fact, data are to be integrated to the same destination audit member as the source one.
          • Method based multipliers to be used for that rule must have ‘99’ as the intercompany method. No other value is permitted.
          • Entity property filter is disabled
          • Other dimension filter is disabled
          • Force destination member is disabled
          • In rule details:
            • Force interco member id disabled
            • Swap entity interco is disabled

          This is a simplistic answer and I hope it helps.

          Best Regards,

          Leila Lappin

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          • Former Member

            Hi Raja,

            Are you translating in S4 or in BPC?

            This how the process was explained to me by SAP..

            If translating in S4, then you can only go integration mode. Your data will not be visible at different scope levels, only the eliminations will be visible at the next scope level. You also will not be able to utilize force interco, swap entity etc.

            It seems like your requirement will require you to translate in BPC