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Transport Multiple FM from same FG in Parts

Jan 11 at 05:13 AM


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I have created 30 FM in single Functional Group.

Is it possible to transport them in 2 parts?

15 FM today and 15 after 4 days

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Raymond Giuseppi
Jan 11 at 06:16 AM

If you didn't already transport the function group or didn't release a transport request before creating the second group of function modules I would say NO. (first transport must contain the main object R3TR FUGR and cannot contain only subobjects LIMU FUNC) You can only transport single FM(s) when they already existed in the target system and don't forget other objects like dynpros, CUA, texts or includes.

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Differently said, only full include programs can be transported, and the source of every function module is in a distinct include program, and all the include programs of these function modules are grouped in one include program (named L<fugr>UXX), so it means that if you transport at least one new function module, then all function modules -of this function group- which exist in the source system need to exist in the target system -of the transport-.

So, you must delete the in-4-days function modules, release the transport request of the function group, create the in-4-days function modules again, then release the new transport request. This can be done the same day, but you may import the 2 transport requests sequentially with any delay you want.


You don't have to delete the function modules - you could move them to another group, temporarily. All this is assuming that the code in the modules is independent.

Matthew Billingham

Agreed, thanks :)

Horst Keller
Jan 11 at 10:36 AM

I dare to question the design of a function group with 30 function modules. First, why don't you use a global class? Second, do you really need 30 functions? With classes you surely could do something more clever with inheritance or interfaces.

(And third, why the heck would you want to transport them at different days???)

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Good questions. I'd really like to know the answers.

Roberto Vacca Jan 11 at 09:04 AM


Put an EXIT instruction at the beginning of the 15 function modules that you don't want to raise :)

Anyway they gave you already the best solutions you can have.

Hope to help


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