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Duplicating Data in Crystal Reports

Jan 11 at 10:30 AM


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I have a crystal report that will duplicate data on the second page if it cannot fit it all on the first page. It seems to be happening with details and sub reports and ONLY on the second page. I have checked some reports that span onto a third page and they seem fine.

The data is being pulled from our ERP system SAP Business One.

I have attached screen shots for reference.


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3 Answers

Wanpen Khongchuary Jan 12 at 08:47 AM

Dear Mr.Mark

The first you must to check a link between main report and sub report because so i think this problem is a data or link not property for display report

second, if all of property/config report is true, you can used a group of item. (add group) and then you must to used detail under group.


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Vitaly Izmaylov
Jan 11 at 10:43 PM

I would suggest to check "Keep Together" box for the Details section and for subreport.

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Mark Alexander Jan 15 at 05:31 PM

Thanks for the responses.

I have sub reports in the report footer sections, so they print at the bottom of the report after all details have been displayed. The "Keep Together" boxes are all checked.

I have noticed the error changes when I adjust the page size of each section, I can get all 8 rows to display on one page, but I'll then have the same problem when I try to print a report with 10 rows of data. If I adjust again the problem will move to another number of rows.... Maybe this is something to do with page sizes?

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You need to explain where subreports are and how data is grouped.

For example if each Item data is actually a subreport and is displayed in a Group Header.

If you have then checked repeat group header on new page this will lead to the duplication of the last subreport if data goes onto next page.



The item data is displayed in the details section. The sub reports are displayed in the group footer, and are summed on the data (They are basically totals and shipping data on a PO - See attached image of the reports I submitted earlier).

I couldn't figure out what was happening but have created a workaround by forcing the report to start a new page after every 8 items in the details section. This leaves a bit of white space at the bottom of each page, but I don't get any duplicates now!