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Web IDE: How to capture entered data on web page into control on Submit/Save/Send press

Jan 10 at 06:05 PM


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I am preparing a very simple form (Single page app) with few fields.The purpose is to update address to HR infotype. I have created Entity and entity set first. This service is working fine. I am using SAP Web IDE to develop this app . It has one view only. Data source and links are configured at manifest.In the view, I used simple form with PERNR, NACHN, VORNA and address fields. Address fields are editable. these fields are bind with data source. Till now there is no issue. Data is populating on the web page when it is executed.

Now, I made some changes on address and trying to click SAVE. on Save event, I was unable to capture edited field values. not able to read any field.

I tried below syntax:

var oView = this.getView(); => no issue

var gModel = this.getView().getModel(); => no issue

var Entity = this.getView().getModel().mChangedEntities(); => error.

var val = oView().byId("Nachn").getValue(); => error.

Please help me how to capture changed values or how to capture all field values from web page.

Thank you,

Balaji P.

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small correction..

var gModel = this.getView().getModel(); => error..

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Balaji Peethani Jan 11 at 08:46 PM

Found the issue..

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