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Change of Inspection point valuation not working

Jan 10 at 03:58 PM


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after recording all characteristics i get an automatic suggestion of the inspection point valuation. Unfortunately i cannot change it although there is a pencil button. Even if i reject one characteristic it is not possible to change it.


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1 Answer

Craig S
Jan 12 at 08:31 PM

In your inspection plan, in the operation overview page, scroll down to the Quality management settings. Check the values for the field "Insp.pointCompletion". Read the F1 help file for this field and try different settings and different control keys. Some experimenting with this should allow you to determine an appropriate setting.

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Hello Craig S thanks a lot that you try to answer my questions. I know the variants of the operation overview configuration for "Insp.point completion". For my clients i need Variant 4 with automatic completion. Nevertheless there is a pencil for changes shown in the popup which has no function. Thats one point. The other point is, that even if i cannot change die evaluation in the popup a change of the evaluation of an characteristic with a further reevaluation of the hole inspection point has no effect. I would expect that the reevaluation suggests also a new evaluation of the inspection point.


Hello Jonas,

what exactly is your question? Are you asking why the pencil to change is displayed although changes are not possible, or do you want to change the valuation and are struggling with the fact that it is not possible?




I'll see if another expert can help you better. I'm not a statistical guru by any means or an SPC expert. Maybe Martin Hinderer @martin.hinderer can help. I think he knows way more than I do on this topic and it sounds like you are beyond my knowledge already.


The concecpts behind SPC are really interesting *g*, but I think the general question here is if this topic is about reevaluation or only about the button that is displayed... it might also just be a setting in the inspection point handling.


Hello Martin Hinderer,

-concerning the SPC topic i think Craig S referred to another question from me. "

Copy inspection results with close indicator in customizing not working for SPC.".

-concerning the inspection point evaluation: I want an automatic inspection point evaluation, so i configured that in the inspection plan. Originally i want to correct an inspection result. After saving the correction i supposed that the system reevaluate the new results. For example:


1 inspection point

3 characteristics


First evaluation: All accepted.


First automatic evaluation of inspection point: Accepted --> That is ok

Correction of one characteristic to rejected


Second automatic evaluation of inspection point: Accepted --> Thats not logic in my opinion.

So as a workaround i saw the edit button (see picture attached) which i would use to correct the evaluation by myself. But this button has no function.



I checked this but have not found a solution so far. You might want to raise this as an support message to SAP.