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SAP Fiori Search not working with for Factsheets

Jan 15 at 05:10 AM


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Hello All,

We have configured Fiori Search on the backend as per the below link:

Set up for Fiori Search

After the setup, I activated the SICF and OData service for Material Factsheet as per the app library information.

But on the Fiori Launchpad, when we try to search, it gives an error as below:

System was copied -> execute program ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC (see long text) (Code ESH_ADM_MSG152)

I double checked the configuration both on backend and frontend and dont see anything missed out.

Can anyone suggest what this error refers to?


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Bartosz Jarkowski Jan 15 at 11:02 AM

After creating the ESH setup you need to run indexing. And this report ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC is supposed to the indexing.

You can refer to one of my blog post for details how to configure the search correctly.

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I am configuring the search on ERP EHP8 and not S4HANA. So basically its Business Suite not S4HANA.

I have tried running this ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC report earlier but on execution it says the report is obsolete and gives other options as below:

The report ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC is obsolete. - Use task list SAP_ESH_CREATE_INDEX_SC to delete, create and index connectors. - Use task list SAP_ESH_RESET to reset Embedded Search to initial state (purge). After the reset use task list SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT to setup the working client. Transaction for task list processing: STC01

I have completed these activities as well and all looks good.

On running report ESH_TEST_SEARCH, I get the desired results. I ran for MATERIAL_H and result was Okay.

Odata services and SICF services are active on the Frontend.

Fiori search only gives the Apps option in the dropdown and not the Factsheets and the error still persists.

I am checking the webdispatcher setup now and will update on the same.

Is Factsheet and search setup the same for both Business Suite and S4HANA or there are some other steps as well?


In case you see only Apps in the dropdown that means there is something wrong with the Web Dispatcher. Please check the configuration.

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We do not have webdispatcher :(

Is it possible to configure the search without the webdispatcher?

Also, we have 2 backend clients pointing to one frontend client. in this case, i will need to enable the search on both the backend clients? How will the webdispatcher configuration work here?


Without web dispatcher, the search functionality is not available if your Gateway deployment model is Central Hub.

To connect two systems, please have a look at folowing document:

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This link needs to be followed after setting the web dispatcher ?

I tried following it but the below option is not available in SPRO

Search and Operational Analytics --> Enterprise Search --> Search Configuration--> Configure Remote Search


The path may be different in each NW release - what is yours?

I quickly had a look in NW 7.4 and the path is as follows:

SAP Netweaver -> Search and Operational Analytics -> Embedded Search -> Search Configuration -> Configure Remote Search

You can also use search (CTRL-F) to find the path.

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The search was made working after web-dispatcher was set up correctly. But now the search intermittently throws error.

For example, I am searching Material Factsheet. We get the results for all materials on search page. Now, the user clicks on All tab next to material. The search now throws an error "Search scope is not valid DCE610~$$ALL$$~ (Code ESH_FED_MSG020)" .

after research again, it works okay.

Factsheets work perfectly well as well as the search. Only when we try to click through different factsheets in the tabs or All , this error is encountered.