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Jan 14, 2018 at 09:50 AM

Alternative adobe cheque form assignment in payment media program SAPFPAYM variant


Dear All,

We are in a process of implementing the adobe form for all our cheques.

To achieve this we would like to use Payment Media workbench format CHECK and use different cheque layout forms (assigned in form check field of program SAPFPAYM) with different variants which will assigned in OBPM4.

But system is still printing as per the default form assigned in FBZP (payment methods in company code configuration).

We are doing the printing/paying our cheques through F-58/FBZ5 (only automatic).

Expectation is system should be able to get the corresponding layouts assigned in different variants in OBPM4 (by company code & house bank) based on the selection in F-58.

Please advise if I am missing something in configuration Or I have to do the changes in FI_PAYMEDIUM_CHECK modules (as per the notes 1943453,965723) in order to achieve the requirement.

If standard is not available, then what is the use of creating different variant by House Bank in OBPM4?

Appreciate your reply.