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Field required for Identification

Jan 13 at 09:45 AM


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My Client required an identification field to identify the material, as all Material will have the same description. He does not want to have External Number range and do not want to identify from Material Code.

Example :

Raw Material: 'XYZ'

Raw Material: 'XYZ'

Raw Material: 'XYZ'

All three are reserved for 3 different customer A, B & C simultaneously.

Hence we have suggested Old Material Code column, now during stock report MB52 he is unable to see the stock on basis of Old Material Code.

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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Jan 13 at 10:21 AM

How does your client or the warehouse workers currently identify the materials if "all Material will have the same description" ?

So far is your example extremely unrealistic and does not explain the reason why "all Material will have the same description"

Just having multiple customers does not explain a need of different numbers

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Not complete Master Data but they have Raw Material 'XYZ' so they maintained 5 or 6 times (as per the number of customers) and keeps description same for all 5. they do so because grading in material varies.


add the customer name into the material description

Unfortunately is your story too short and does not give much insight into the real background and the needs of your client.

The requirement does not start with SAP, it actually must already exist in the warehouse no matter what software is used. So how is the material identified? is this written and marked or labeled on the material itself or how is it done?

Where does one need to identify the right material? in F4 on material number? in a report? in batch determination?

Salman Mazhar Jan 15 at 06:52 AM

Maintain customer specific Material Group Brand and extract report MB52 and fetch Material Group field in your layout.

You will be able to see stock report according to the customer.



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Material Group is a part of configuration and hence we cannot use it.

PRASOON AK Jan 17 at 06:30 PM


If its same material, then its better to manage with single material code and if you want to track stock differently for same material code, the main options would be as below:

  • Multiple batch number with characterists to define the grade
  • Valuation type
  • Special stock

You may check the options and revert back.



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