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May 04, 2008 at 10:17 PM

Help on NWDI Track Configuration


Hi All,

We need your expert help.

We are on JDI 7 SP12 on HPUX 11.23. We need some help on NWDI track as we are currently stuck with a requirements.

Presently, We were having a 5 systems SAP CRM landscape. CRM Dev(CED), CRM IST (CEI), CRM U (CEU), CRM Q (CEQ) & CRM P (CEP).

We have developers who work for Live Production system for bug fixes and other who work for the new project developement work.

We are planning to configure our 5 System landscape in the below way to ensure that both the New Development and the bug fixes can happen simuntaneously.

We are planning to create 3 tracks in total.

There would be a 2 master tracks, Development track & a maintenance track.

The Dev track would have the CRM Dev (CED), CRM IST (CEI), CRM UAT (CEU) defined in the Dev, Cons & the Test Runtime systems respectively.

The Maintenance Track would have just one run time system. That is the CRM Q (CEQ) system defined in the Dev Runtime System.

A Track connection (type repair) would be made from the test system of the Dev Track to the Dev system of the Maintenance track.

Similarly a back track connection would be made from the Dev runtime system of the maintenance track to the Dev runtime system of the Dev Track.

Then we would create a 3rd Track with only the CRM Prod (CEP) instance defined in the Prod runtime system. This track is connected to the Maintanence Track and a track connection of type transport is created between these 2 tracks. No track connection is made between the Dev Track and Production Track.

With this approach, all the bug fixes, can be fixed with the Maintanence track & parallely the new development can happen in the Dev Track.

We also believe that this would solve our issue during upgrade of our CRM landscape as we can use the Maintanence track for issues and parallelly the other systems in the landscape would get upgraded.

Can you please confirm whether our understanding is correct or not. If not, what would be a better approach?

Thanks in advance for your inputs & any pointers would surely be rewarded.

Warm Regards