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Jan 12, 2018 at 01:35 PM

MRP Related Issue


Hi Experts ,

The folowing is the issue Would seek your views and answers .

A header material is a subconprocurement for which the componet is being supplied by another plant of the same company code directly to the subcon vendor . and vendor do the same and send back the final material .

The process .

Plant A creates a subcon PO to the vendor X

Do the Subcon Delivery through ME2O . This creates a Delivery to the vendor for the componet for the another plant B which will directly supply thecomponent to the vendor through this delivery .

This is being done through a special procurement Key for stock tarnsfer asigned to the coponent in the MRP VIEW in the PO creation Plant and hence the delivery created for the subcon PO contains the delivery second plant B .

Plant B PGI the delivery .

What is happening at the Plant B .

1. A subreq will be created in the MRP of the componet in plant B - Creates a PR/PO if there is no stock in Plant B .when there is a PO for subcon is created in Plant A

2. When a delivery is created for the PO , since this delivery is to be done by Plant B , MRP is treating this delivery again to be as requirement in its plant B creates another PR/PO for the same requirement

3. Means to say MRP is creating double requirement for a single requirement causing Procurement issues .

4. This double requirement is also for a sale order / delivery

How to avoid this double thing .

ATP Availability check contains delivery to be considered is checked .