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Oct 21, 2016 at 09:34 PM

preselect odata, set in manifest

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Hi experts,

I'm using WebIDE and defining odata services in manifest. But for one of the services i need to filter/preselect data before they will be send to display.

I tried to getModel in onInit in view controller

this.localModel = this.getOwnerComponent().getModel("xxx");

and then read it."/yyytSet(key1='1',key2='1',key3='1')",null,null,true, function(oData, oResponse) { oJsonModel.setData(oData); });

but it doesn;t work. It seems that model is found (this.localModel exists) but read doesn't wrok, oData/oJsonModel(initialized before) is empty.....However in the Network tab of Chrome DevTools i can see batch call for specified key and the response there is correct....And service works perfectly with the specified key in GW_CLIENT.

I tries also with simple MessageToast instead of oJsonModel and no message was displayed. I susupect there is something wrong with read on WebIDE/syntax is wrong but i can't figure out what is it. I tried with different parameter options...

And second question -> how to sent data (when they will be successfully selected) to xml screen? will it be sufficient to setModel on View in controller?