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Failing to create a webservice after upgrade to ehp8

Jan 12 at 09:33 AM


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Hie guys

I used to create web services in SAP E.H.P4 as shown in the attachment but now we are in E.H.P 8 and i cant find the option please assist.



before-upgrade.jpg (54.9 kB)
after-upgrade.jpg (217.4 kB)
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Nic Teunckens Jan 15 at 07:13 PM

I had the same experience when Upgrading to EhP8 recently ...

I just use trx."SE37" and go to RFC / FunctionGroup from there.

But as the SAP-Help 7.50 indicates (link) :

"In the context menu, choose Create > Enterprise Service > Service Provider > Existing ABAP Objects (Inside Out)."

"For function groups and function modules, you can call the wizard from the Function Builder (SE37). Choose the required function module, display it, and then choose Utilities > More Utilities > Create Web Service > From the Function Module or > From the Function Group."

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We're in EHP6. The context menu (right-click) ends with Create -> Enterprise Service:

But it takes you to the same screen as the Utilities menu. And the screen header says "create web service". If SAP had a goal to confuse the heck out of ABAPers then it's mission accomplished.

image5.jpg (27.9 kB)
Jelena Perfiljeva

We recently went from ABAP 7.40 to ABAP 7.50 (EhP8).

"If SAP had a goal to confuse the heck out of ABAPers then it's mission accomplished." => I Agree, it was a bit strange for us as well. Such confusing and undocumented changes aren't fun. I guess they really want us to move from 'SE80' to ADT, right?


lol...Thank you for your help and ideas.

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 12 at 11:24 PM

The screenshot shows "enterprise service" option, doesn't it do the same thing?

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To be honest I'm am not if it does the same thing because what i want is to create is a web service client/consumer and in the tutorial i once used it had the web-service option.

Why not try it and see if it works? See if you can figure it out. if you can, you could write your own blog about the experience.

To be a good ABAP developer, you have to be able to work things out for yourself. Not rely on tutorials, or step-by-step guides.

Matthew Billingham

thank you i'm on it :-)


I can promise that your DEV server won't blow up and you won't lose your job if you just try it.

Jelena Perfiljeva

lol...i will give you feedback