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Assign 'Task List' on 'Save' exit (IWO10009) of Order (IW31/ IW32)

Jan 12 at 12:58 AM


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Hi Experts,

I am looking for a solution to 'Automatically assign Task-List to a Order while creating / chaning (IW31/ IW32) through 'Save' exit.

There is an enhancement 'IWO10020' (Maintenance order: Automatically include task list) which seems to be the one for my requirement but based on our design it should be on 'Save' exit since user can enter/ change fields like 'Maintenance Activity Type' etc and 'IWO10020' is getting trigger before the 'Save' exit.

I have tried FM 'IWO_UI_DV_UPDATE_HEADER' , 'CO_IH_SET_HEADER' inside Include ZXWOCU07 by passing 'CAUFVD_IMP' structure but it's not working as well.

Sample Code:-

caufvd_imp-plnaw = 'I'.

caufvd_imp-plnty = 'A'.

caufvd_imp-plnnr = '00000001'.

caufvd_imp-plnal = '01'.

caufvd_imp-plauf = '20171211'.

caufvd_imp-plgrp = 'F01'.

caufvd_imp-plsvb = '99999999.000'.

caufvd_imp-plsvn = '0.000'.

caufvd_imp-pdatv = '20171201'.

caufvd_imp-gstrp = '20171201'.


EXPORTING caufvd_imp = caufvd_imp.

PERFORM header_update(saplcoih).

Any suggestions please, how to achieve 'Automatic Assignment of Task-List while Saving the order.


Dharmendra Jain

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2 Answers

Peter Atkin Jan 12 at 08:31 AM

Try function modules CO_BO_OPR_OF_ORDER_GET and CO_IH_SET_OPR.

Also, you can automatically assign a task list on order creation via user-exit IWO10020/21 - search google for other posts.


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Former Member

Hi Peter,

Tried using both the mentioned FM but it's not working. Can't do on exit IW010020 /21 since as per business requirement it should be on 'Save' as activity type and other fields will be populated on 'Save'.

Are you aware of any other way to achieve this?



You coulf try calling BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN after the IW31/2 process has competed. See here for some options:


Ziv Markovich Jan 13 at 07:18 AM

Update the tasklist with BAPI ALM ORDER MAINTAIN after commit see this link

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Hi Ziv,

BAPI 'ALM ORDER MAINTAIN' doesn't work on 'Save' exit since it internally calls order save-exit and it's going in a loop.