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POF3 Display Packing Instructions Determination table

Jan 11 at 07:54 PM


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I am looking for a table that displays what is in POF3 tcode. I have used tables PACKKP, PACKPO and KONDP. All those tables give me information to pull the Packing Instruction number from POP3, but I need to know of a table or how to find the linkage between the Packing Instruction number from POP3 and the material number. In POF3, the material has a field name of KOMGP-MATNR, but I am getting an error message in SE16N that table KOMGP is not valid.

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1 Answer

Veselina Peykova
Jan 11 at 09:05 PM

KOMGP is a structure, you need to find the table name of the relevant access.

If I understood you correctly, you are looking for this field in POF3:

I can explain how to do this with a standard sequence but you need to find the names of the tables in your system on your own, because in your system the consultant may have done different configuration.

As you can see, I have access sequence SHIP. The table where access sequences are stored is T682. Condition tables are assigned to access sequences. The link between these is in T682I (restrict by KOZGF = 'SHIP' and APPL = 'PO'). I end up with 3 entries for KOTABNR = 001; 100; 110. These are actually transparent tables - KOTP001; KOTP100; KOTP110. From there (the KOTP* table in which you are interested) you can get KNUMH, which you can use in table KONDP to determine PACKNR. And from there it is easy - use PACKNR in PACKKP to find POBJID.

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