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Jan 11, 2018 at 07:29 PM

Help to Configure Setup Matrix in APO Optimization


Hi all,

we run our SNP in weekly buckets and we are trying to make the optimizer block productions of the same package sizes using Setup Matrix.

We have set Setup Groups in /SAPAPO/CDPSC6 and the Setup Transitions in /SAPAPO/CDPSC7 (all possible combinations), and a Z Table that is the source for Setup ID for each product-location.

Also, assigned the Setup Matrix to the resource (production line) and changed the BADI to populated Setup ID field (from Z Table, which are being correctly assigned as per the optimizer input log, pic below)

Z table:

We are using PPMs to create production orders.

In the optimizer input log, we can see the setup time but not the setup costs, any idea why?

The setup matrix also appears assigned to the resource in input log, as we can see:

But it is not grouping the orders of the same package size as expected, to be honest, nothing is different (comparing to the status before setting up the setup matrix).

Any ideas of what we are doing wrong? If more info is necessary, please let me know.



20180111-171001.jpg (712.2 kB)
20180111-171013.jpg (906.5 kB)