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May 02, 2008 at 06:40 PM

Junk character at end of file from sender adapter creating a blank record


Hi All,

I am using the File to File scenario.

My input file has one junk character at end of file which is causing which is creating one blank record in the xml.

Can any one suggest please how to remove the extra blank record?

Input file is as follows (one junk character at end of file)

2 273770000110042008PMT EB331773 EB331773 1

2 273770000106662008PMT EB331775 EB331775 1

2 273770000107912008PMT EB331776 EB331776 1

The FCC parameters are as follows


Record.endSeparator 'nl'

Record.fieldFixedLengths 3,4,10,4,50,18,3

ignoreRecordsetName true

Record.lastFieldsOptional YES

If I do not use the lastFieldsOptional Parameter it is not being picked up by XI.

Early response is highly appreciated. points will be rewarded.

Many Thanks in Advance,