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Jan 11, 2018 at 03:45 PM

SAP Fiori Overview Page (OVP) - Apply filter to specific card/s


Hi colleagues,

I'm working with Overview Page functionality, I have three different cards (two analytical chart cards and one list card) and corresponding filter bar (Smart Filter Bar control) to filter the displayed data. I'm investigating the way to apply filter only for specific cards once you are using CUSTOM filtering (as explained here).

Using standard filter functionality (no custom filtering) it works as desired, filter is only applied to the cards if the filter field is present on the related entity type related to that card. If the entity type doesn't have that filter field then filtering doesn't take place, card content remain unchanged. Exactly as it is described at the official SAP Fiori OVP documentation.

Unfortunately, this is not working in case of custom filtering, filter applies to all the cards regardless the filter field is in place for that card/s (entity type). I have been trying to develop custom functionality within the custom filter controller but there's no way to affect the cards content, only the filter fields/values are available. I have been searching for annotations for this purpose but no positive result until now. In the manifest.json file, I only see the possibility to specify globalFilterModel and globalFilterEntityType, no way to relate cards to filter/s.

Thanks in advance, any hint is appreciated.