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Jan 11, 2018 at 02:00 PM

solution manager 7.2 - How to add value to custom attribute programatically


Dear gurus,

I´m fighting with adding a value to custom attribute programtically during runtime in new solution manager 7.2.

The description of problem is like below:

When user signs/approves document in Solution manager 7.2, the customer process starts, where I need to add value to custom field (made via this link Create Customer Attributes for Elements of the Process Management in SolMan 7.2)

I can see the attribute during runtime, but I´m not able to set the value automatically during runtime (it works fine when user insert value manually and save it).

I was trying to make pre-exit at method WDDOMODIFYVIEW of WD application SMUD_ATTRIBUTES, view V_ATTRIBUTES, I have also checked the whole process of SAVE() method in componentcontroller. But whenever I change the custom value or insert new one, it is always overwrites by the old one.

Can you please advise me, how to do it or where exactly this kind of change should be placed?

Thank you for any advice.

BR Adam