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May 02, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Individual Collective indicator not behaving with quota arrangement


Hello All

Am having FG X & its sub assly X2, for FG X am using strategy 50(MTO) & am using collecitve/individual indicator as 1 for sub assly X2. If am not using quota arrangement & i enter PIR for X for 100EA with the MRP run of X i get planned order type VP for sub assly X2 which all goes fine as per the settings, this planned order for X2 turns to order type LA after sales order arrival of X & subsequent MRP run, this is all well as per the settings. But when am using quota arrangement for sub assly X2 with same MRP data for X2 i get planned order type LA when i run MRP for X against its PIR, which shall not be the case. The system is not behaving as per the settings. Looking forward to your valuable inputs and guidance.


J K Tharwani