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ByD Fixed Assets- End of Depreciation fixed date

Jan 11 at 08:29 AM


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I would like to know if in SAP ByDesign is there any option to establish or configure a fixed date to finished the depreciation of a fixed asset, but not setting years/months as useful life because in this case would depend of the depreciation beginning date and this date could change depending on every fixed asset activation date. I checked the depreciation methods activity but I couldn't find how to establish a fixed date of depreciation ending.



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1 Answer

Harshal Vakil Jan 11 at 09:42 AM

Hello Jaime,

Asset depreciation depends on the value (Net book value), Life (Useful life or remaining life). so it is not possible to simply set the end date for the depreciation.

I think you can retire the asset with the future posting/document date. (This will be then last retirement date/ Deactivation date of your fixed asset) however, you could still continue to depreciate asset.since the asset has the retirement/deactivation date assigned, beyond this date, system should not calculate and allow posting of depreciation. Can you check this and also verify the postings for depreciation and retirement posting to see if that meets your requirement.



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Hi Harshal

Many thanks for your answer. I've checked what you told me, the case is that if the retirement/deactivation date is set, the depreciation resume doesn't change and the fixed asset continue with depreciation.

Our customer could accept that making this change of ending make a unique depreciation in december (because the end date would be December 31th), but it seems that the retirement date doesn't make this. Or is there any option to make a total depreciation in December to all fixed assets of a fixed asset class?

The problem is that we can't update massive change of useful life years/periods (this field is not editable by CSV file)


Hi Jaime,

In order to post the total depreciation for assets belonging to certain fixed asset, only option is to execute the depreciation run for the desired fixed asset class only in December keeping all other period closed. For monthly Depreciation for other asset class, you will need to exclude this class from run and execute depreciation run.

Other option is to keep the valuation view internal. However this will be applicable to all the asset created for the company. I guess this will not help you if you would like to system to calculate and post depreciation at the year end only for few assets.