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Using Dynamic lot sizing policy with Min Lot Size

Jan 11 at 05:07 AM


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Hi Experts,

In one of our implementations, we are using minimum lot size however, a new requirement where Heuristics should intelligently procure with respect to Lot Sizes. For example:

If my demand is:

100 100 100 100 100 over 5 weeks and the min lot size is 300

then Heuristics is now returning:

300 0 0 300 0

As a result we are having an excess of 100 units of stock which is not desirable.

The expectation is to achieve a receipt of:

500 0 0 0 0

We are thinking of utilizing Dynamic Lot sizing in this respect. Now the question is, Is it possible to use dynamic lot sizing policy with Min Lot Size defined?

Cost information are not available so we cannot use Optimizer in this case.



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Matheus Korndoerfer
Jan 12 at 01:26 PM

Hello Sourojit,

Can you please confirm the following information:

  • Planning time aggregation (i.e. monthly, weekly, ...);
  • Values for Key Figure SUBPERIODSOFSUPPLY in first 5 periods;
  • Values for Key Figure SUBPERIODNUM in first 5 periods.

Best regards,

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Hi Matheus,

Time Level is weekly.

SUBPERIODSNUM & SUBPERIODSOFSUPPLY is not having any values yet.




Hi Sourojit,

I apologize as I thought you were already using Dynamic Periods of Supply. And are you sure that this Product - Location combination is using the Lot for Lot strategy?
If so, I'd suggest you to create an incident under component SCM-IBP-SUP-ALG and provide the Operator dump as well (see Note 2380705).

Regarding the usage of Dynamic Periods of Supply, it should work with Minimum Lot Size and your expectation could be achieved by defining value of 5 for Key Figure SUBPERIODSOFSUPPLY.