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CAL 1709 fully actv. deployment without NW Java system?

Jan 10 at 08:21 PM


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Hi team,

we are planning to deploy and pilot a CAL 1709 system quite soon. Based on videos at youtube I see that I cannot deselect the NW Java instance (link to youtube). My understanding is that it is required for ADS only - however we do already have an ADS system up and running. Is it possible to just reuse this system, do not deploy the Java machine and connect to the existing system? Or can't I proceed without providing an additional system?

Thanks a lot for your help!

BR Peter

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Joerg Wolf
Jan 11 at 01:20 PM

Hi Peter,

the JAVA stack is indeed mainly in there for the ADS. It’s a separate virtual machine that is setup as part of the S/4HANA 1709 landscape in CAL.

You can see the 4 virtual machines in the advanced instance creation mode of the CAL console.

ADS is needed for some of the demo scenarios, therefore we marked this virtual machine as mandatory (BI and Remote Desktop are optional).

What you could maybe do is to connect your existing ADS to the S/4 system (instead of using the integrated one).

Hope that helps a bit for your decision.

Best Joerg

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Thanks Joerg. This confirms our initial assumption of NW Java only for ADS and our approach that we want to use our central instance in case we need it. We are aware of the issues for a missing ADS connection.

According videos and documentation however it is not possible to deselect this machine. This means we at least have to deploy it in the first step. Is this assumption also correct?

Thanks a lot!

BR Peter


Hi Peter,

correct. We were thinking of making it optional (as an opt-out) but since some of the scenarios won't work without it, we didn't do it in the end.

If there is an overwhelming community vote with existing JAVA/ADS stacks, we still could consider making it optional but for now I think it might create questions if it's removed and certain sceanarios don't work anymore.