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Credentials for logon to Application Lifecycle Manager do not work

Jan 10 at 02:42 PM


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I want to log into the Application Lifecycle Manager usnig the following URL:


In my case (HANA Express Edition 2.0 SPS2, server-only) it is:

Next, a wild logon screen appears:

Now I enter my <sys>adm credentials (User: hxeadm) and press "Logon". However, I don't get logged in but get the error "Login failed : wrong credentials.".

Did I enter the wrong credentials or what are other possible causes?

Note: This only happens for the Application Lifecycle Manager. Logging into the Platform Lifecycle Manager with these credentials works fine.

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1 Answer

Florian Pfeffer
Jan 10 at 08:31 PM

The operation system user hxedadm cannot be used. The HANA LM uses the HANA user store respectively a configure IdP. In your case with HXE I don't think that you have configured an IdP, so you have to use a HANA user (like e.g. the SYSTEM user or better a dedicated user for LM). Of course the user needs the required privileges to use the HANA LM.


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Hi Florian, thanks for your answer.

I have two databases on my HANA system (SYSTEMDB and one tenant DB). I don't understand how LM would distinguish between the different SYSTEM users of multiple databases since the port for LM seems to be equal for both databases. Or does it expect the SYSTEMDB's SYSTEM user to log in by default? This, however, does not work either.

I also created a new LM user on the SYSTEMDB and assigned all lm roles to it. Logging in with that user still doesn't work :-(


The classic LM is a XS Classic Application running on XS Classic Engine. By default the XS Classic Engine instance for the SystemDB is used by using the 8090 port (in the current HXE configuration). To access it for a tenant DB you have to configure the access. There are already a lot of posts for that (e.g. Exposing HTTP Access to Multitenant Database Containers in SAP HANA)


Thanks for the clarification. However, logging in through the url in my original post with user="SYSTEM" and pw="<SYSTEMDB's SYSTEM pw>" also results in "Wrong credentials" (I automatically get redirected to "", btw.)