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May 01, 2008 at 11:02 AM

ECC 6.0 Upgrade Failed in PARCONV_UPG due to failed ICNV


I'm in the process of an upgrade to ECC 6.0 with a failure in PARCONV_UPG. It seems the incremental conversion of RFBLG failed during the Prepare step as it was doing the Table Switch but this went unnoticed. Now the PARCONV_UPG is failing because table RFBLG is not in the DB?

I can see the temporary table QCMRFBLG in the DB. In SE11 the table definition for RFBLG is there but a message shows "Table RFBLG does not exist in the database." In SE14, there is a DB Request from "Created with Import" with an Error, the function is SWT. Using ICNV, I cannot perform and Initialize, Data Transfer, or Switch. I can see the following in the Error Log:

Step 06-RFBLG/ODATA_CNV 04/29/2008/12:41:17

Last data transfer

QCMBSEG_insert: Operation %_T018V2 failed

form odata_cnv: Operation DB_DATA_COPY failed

Last data transfer incomplete

End step 06-RFBLG/ODATA_CNV 04/29/2008/12:41:18

Does anyone have an idea how I can reset my ICNV and get RFBLG back so PARCONV_UPG can perform the conversion?

Please advise,

Chad Niswander