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May 01, 2008 at 06:55 AM

ECC6.0 and BW on the same hardware


Hi all

I am preparing for the installation of SAP on the following senario please guide me.

1. ECC6.0 and BW are to be installed on same h/w [HP-UX]with different oracle and different SID, ie I will be installing two oracle on the same machine.[we are not going for MCOD]

question here is:-

a. Can we install SAP this way?

b. If yes, Please tell me what precautions I should take during the installation of second oracle for BW.

c. please guide me through the rough procedure.

2. Installation of ECC6.0 in cluster based environment[HP-UX].

we are planning for Active-Active clustering.

My Questions are:-

a. what componants are to be installed on the second node if CI and DB instance are installed on the first one.

b. how will be the partition structure for Active-Active clustering.