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Jan 10, 2018 at 10:11 AM

Mass Maintenance for Time Events (IT2011) in Standard available?


Hello folks,


System Information

EHP8 for ERP 6.0 SP 48 with NW 7.50 SPS 8


Background Information

Some of my colleagues are currently migrating our negative Time Management to positive Time Manegement. During the migration, a third party system, which is used in our company for the initial registration of time events when entering/exiting(etc.) corporate buildings, will be connected to SAP for data exchange.



My colleagues have asked me a question which I couldn't answer: "Is there a possibility in standard for mass data maintenance of time events?" Background to this question is, that we have to plan for the risk of a system fault of the aforementioned third party system. E.g. if the system fails and is entirely down for, say, 2 hours, these 2 hours must subsequently be maintained as "fictional attendance" for all employees that do not have any time event in that time window. Both, the ESS Scenario and and TMW are not feasible solutions for the use case because a) MSS-Approvers would have to approve about 100 Clock-In/Clock-Out Corrections each which will kill our user acceptance and b) doing this via the TMW instead is a major pain in the a** and the time admins (which aren't that many) cannot be tasked with correcting some ten thousand PERNRs.

My research, whether there is some kind of mass maintenance report, so far (Notes, KBAs, Forums, SE84, Google) didn't bring up any usable results. In fact, I haven't found a single question or statement so far concerning the said problem which makes me think, my search terminology is off (because I don't believe noone else has had this requirement before).

TL;DR: Is there a mass data maintenance function for time events (not TMW) in SAP standard?


Cheers, Lukas