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DesignStudio: How to speed up initializing of data sources ?

Jan 10 at 09:52 AM


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I have a couple of SAP BEx queries used in DesignStudio (old version 1.6) and noticed that the initializing of the data sources takes about 3.5 seconds (measured using &PROFILING=X), which IMHO is rather long.

How can I speed this up, or where can I look to see why the initialization is taking so much time?

Thanks in advance,
Andreas J.A.

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2 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Jan 10 at 10:26 AM

Hello Andreas - have you looked at background processing or parallel processing to speed things up?

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Andreas J.A. Schneider
Jan 10 at 11:29 AM

Hi Tammy,

This is for the initial view, so no background processing there.
Parallel processing via processing groups is enabled already for the involved 5 Bex queries.

Also please do note, I am not talking about the actual query runtime (e.g. Fetch Result Set), but the initializing phase of the data sources.

The 3.5 sec. for initializing data sources applies when the dashboard is executed locally by the way. Executed on the SAP BI BusObjects server the initializing of data sources takes about 1.7 sec., which is more in line with what I expected.

I'd still like to know where to look/further measure and analyze the initializing phase of data sources.


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