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Apr 29, 2008 at 01:41 PM

MaxDB backup to file and deduplication



We make a daily fullbackup from our MaxDB ( to one file on disk.

We would expect that there aren’t a lot of differences in these files (appr. 310 GB each day).

At the moment we are using deduplication for a testing scenario (software protectier from diligent) on these files. Unfortunately, the dedupe-engine cannot detect any recurrent patterns. Only the known high compression of 4:1 can be reached. We tried the backup with both CommVault and NTBackup, but the result was the same: no dedupe possible.

Do you know a scenario with MaxDB and deduplication? Do you know any problems? Do you have any explanation, why two backups of the same SAP system have so many differences? Are there any parameters which we can use for make the backup dedupe-able?

Thanks in advance!