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Apr 29, 2008 at 01:04 PM

SSO - Connection failed,Make sure user mapping is set correctly and all....


Hi SSO Experts,

We configured single sign on settings between EP 7.0 SPS11 and BW 3.5 according the following document:

We are getting a problem when we tried connection tests for the System Object Connector properties and SAP Web AS connection properties.

The test for Web AS connection was passed result

SAP Web AS Connection Test Details:


The test consists of the following steps:

1. Checks the validity of system ID in the system object.

2. Checks if the system can be retrieved from the PCD.

3. Check whether a SAP system is defined in the system object

4. Validate the following parameters: WAS protocol; WAS host name

5. Checks if the host name of the server can be resolved.

6. Pings the server to see if it is alive.

7. Pings the WAS ping service; works only if the service is activated on the ABAP WAS.

8. Checks HTTP/S connectivity to the defined back-end application



1. The system ID is valid

2. The system was retrieved.

3. The system object represents an SAP system

4. The following parameters are valid: Web AS Protocol (http) Web AS Host Name (

5. The host name was resolved successfully.

6. The server was pinged successfully.

7. The Web AS ping service was pinged successfully.

8. An HTTP/S connection to was obtained successfully.

But we are getting the failed result for Connection test for Connectors.

Test Connection with Connector Test Details:


The test consists of the following steps:

1. Retrieve the default alias of the system

2. Check the connection to the backend application using the connector defined in this system object



Retrieval of default alias successful

Connection failed. Make sure user mapping is set correctly and all connection properties are correct.

What may be the reason?

User mapping has done.

Both Enterprise portal and BW System are in the same domain (

We are using the Dedicated Application Server for R3 System (SAP_R3_Dedicated)

The Connector properties for the System Object are as follows:


Application Host:

Gateway Host:

Gateway Service: sapgw00

Logical System Name: BWTCLNT600

Remote Host Type: 3

SAP Client: 600

SAP System ID (SID): BWT

SAP System Number: 00

System Type: SAP_BW

The User Management properties for the System Object are as follows:


Logon Method: UIDPW

User Mapping Type: admin, user

The Web Application Server (WAS) properties for the System Object are as follows:


Web AS Description: EP-BW for SSO

Web AS Host Name:

Web AS Path: /sap/bw/bex

Web AS Protocol: http

Please kindly analyze the problem and let us know the solution at the earliest.

Kind Regards