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SAP Analytics Cloud BW connection error in other language than EN

Jan 10 at 09:22 AM


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We are having an issue on a POC that we established both BW and SQL Server connections successfully. However, language key in the BW connection parameters (Which is a mandatory field) “TR” causes the following error:

"Failed to call SAP Analytics Cloud agent. Please contact your administrator to ensure that SAP Analytics Cloud agent is running, configured correctly, and is reachable from the SAP HANA Cloud Connector. " We checked that the agent is working fine and has no problems with the SQL or BW connection whose language key is set to “EN”.

The only clear and meaningful data is on the TR side, so the customer insists on TR language option on the BW side justifiably. Can you please share some ideas of how to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you in advance!

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Tammy Powlas
Jan 10 at 10:22 AM

Hello - I don't see where language TR (assuming it is Turkey) is supported - see the SAP FAQ:

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Hi Tammy,

Not looking for TR (yes it is Turkey) language support for Analtics Cloud. It's set in the BW connection parameters which defines the language key of the BW system that is mandatory in the connection parameters. We did establish the connection to BW with TR before, in another POC, but couldn't understand why it doesn't work this time.


Hello - if it worked in another POC then I would raise this as an incident with SAP Support using LOD-ANA-BI as the support component.


Thanks Tammy, I did the incident stuff but looking for a quick solution. I updated the question for avoidnig the misunderstanding.


Hi Duygu, please could you being your question back internally (SAC JAM)? let's try keep this forum for customer questions. Many thanks, Henry