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Jan 10, 2018 at 04:18 AM

Script sap_calcID failed. Message details: Personnel Number not part of input Parameter



I am currently doing a configuration for IDM. The use case I am following is HCM will be the leading system. I have already configured the HCM setup, I have done an initial export from SAP HCM to VDS. While I can see the entries in VDS, when checking the task 'Write HCM Employee To SAP Master' there has been errors that were generated

- Value not legal for this attribute: MX_SALUTATION: I saw another post on this wherein IDM has 'Mr.' and ABAP has 'Mr', the resolution was to change the Presentation to 'SingleLine'

-ToIDStore.addentry failed "Entry type missing for entry": SAP Note 2507916 is the fix but it is not clear exactly which entry type to use, so I just selected MX_PERSON for now

Now, for the current error that I can't find a solution

"Script sap_calcID failed. Script input: !!!!00035688; Message details: Personnel Number not part of input Parameter: !!!!00035688"

The MSKEYVALUE I am using is "$FUNCTION.sap_calcID(%P0000-PERNR%!!%P0105-SYHR_A_P0105_AF_SYSUNAME%!!%MSKEYVALUE%)$$" as suggested in the config guide.

Appreciate any help or input. Thank you!